Who Needs Pictures is the first album by Brad Paisley. Released on June 1, 1999 on Arista Nashville, it features four singles, all of which were hits on the Billboard country music charts. In order of release, these were "Who Needs Pictures", "He Didn't Have to Be", "Me Neither", and "We Danced". The album has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

Track listingEdit

  1. Long Sermon (Brad Paisley & Tim Nichols) - 3:18
  2. Me Neither (Paisley, Chris DuBois, Frank Rogers) - 3:19
  3. Who Needs Pictures (Paisley, DuBois, Rogers) - 3:45
  4. Don't Breathe (Paisley) - 2:53
  5. He Didn't Have to Be (Paisley & Kelley Lovelace) - 4:42
  6. It Never Woulda Worked out Anyway (Paisley & Lovelace) - 2:41
  7. Holdin' On to You (Paisley, DuBois, Lovelace) - 3:00
  8. I've Been Better (Paisley & Robert Arthur) - 4:07
  9. We Danced (Paisley & DuBois) - 3:45
  10. Sleepin' on the Foldout (Paisley & DuBois) - 3:23
  11. Cloud of Dust (Paisley & DuBois) - 4:05
  12. The Nervous Breakdown (Paisley, James Gregory, Mitch McMihen) - 3:29
  13. In the Garden (C. Arthur Miles) - 4:30


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