Wonderful Crazy is Katelyn Tarver's debut studio album that was relesed on November 8, 2005 by TC Music.


  1. Undeniable
  2. Rain
  3. Something In Me
  4. Wonderful Crazy
  5. I'll Make It Real
  6. Closer To My Heart
  7. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
  8. Life Was
  9. Brand New Day
  10. Everything

Exclusive bonus tracks

  1. Chasing Echos
  2. Careless Whisper

Critical Reception[]

Stewart Mason of AllMusic wrote in his review about the album: "However, as has been the bubblegum tradition since the days of the Archies, Wonderful Crazy consists of those two excellent potential hit singles, a couple of minor variations (most notably the title track, which vaguely resembles Fefe Dobson's Prozzäk-produced singles), and rather a lot of filler. Still, the best songs here are hugely enjoyable, and a great pop single counts for a lot."