You Stand Watching is Ryan Cabrera's second studio album that was released on September 20, 2005 by Atlantic Records.


  1. From The Start
  2. Hit Me With Your Light
  3. Shine On
  4. Find Your Way
  5. Photo
  6. Our Way
  7. Fall Baby Fall
  8. Last Night
  9. Walking On Water
  10. With You Gone
  11. It's You

Chart PerformanceEdit

"You Stand Watching" peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Allmusic wrote: "You Stand Watching is far from being either bad or offensive -- it's too well-produced, professional, and pedestrian for that -- and despite the increased sense of safety and slickness, it will likely please fans of his first album since it pretty much delivers more of the same, yet there is nothing on this record to suggest that he has the skill of a real songwriter or the presence of a real star."

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a C minus, writing: "The lyrics on his shaky sophomore record, You Stand Watching, sound like they’ve been lifted from a junior-high yearbook (”I’ll be your shelter when the weather gets rough”). Worse, Cabrera ends virtually each line with a distracting breathy whine, while pop-lite ”With You Gone” contains the pitchiest vocals this side of the American Idol semifinals."

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